Online Manual


The best place to get started in PS Home is with your character. It's up to you to choose what they look like, how they dress and whether or not they have a ridiculous moustache. Feel free to experiment: it's sure to get you noticed.


Open the Menu Pad and select "Personal -> My Inventory". This section contains a list of all portable items you own that can be used in any space.


Open the Menu Pad and select "Personal -> My Purchases". This section contains a list of all items you have purchased from a store (even if the item was free).


Open the Menu Pad and select "Personal -> My Rewards". This section contains a list of all items you have unlocked or won.


The first time you enter PS Home, your character will be displayed in your Wardrobe. Later, you can access your Wardrobe via the Menu Pad - simply choose "Personal" then select "Go to Wardrobe". In your Wardrobe, the following options will be displayed:


Choose from a range of ready-made characters of all shapes and sizes. When you choose a preset character, any unsaved changes made to your current character will be lost.


Fine tune your character's appearance by adjusting attributes including their gender, bone structure, body shape, skin colour and hair style. Press left or right or move the left stick or the right stick to adjust the settings in each category.

When adjusting the head, face, ears, nose, mouth and chin of your character, press the square button to access the advanced customisation controls.


Style your character from top to toe, choosing their headgear, their footwear and everything in between. In some categories, choose "None" if you do not want your character to wear any of the styles on offer.


Load a previously saved character or save the current character.

HOME TRUTH: Customising your character begins in your Wardrobe, but it doesn't end there. Take a trip to the Shopping Centre to check out tons of trendy clothes and accessories guaranteed to have your character looking good.