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The Bowling Alley is the perfect place to kick back and relax with friends. Challenge all comers to a pool tournament, team up for ten pin bowling or try your hand at one of the arcade games.

To play one of the games available in the Bowling Alley, approach the game until its name is displayed on-screen. Press the cross button to view the Action Menu and choose "Play" to play the game.

If you are the only player present, you can practise by playing the game alone. If another player joins you - or if you joined another player's game - the normal game will begin.

A game finishes either when a winner is declared, the game is declared a draw or one player leaves the game.

HOME TRUTH: When a second player joins a game of ten pin bowling, a twenty second countdown will begin, in which time more players can join the game. At the end of the countdown, the game will start.


Standard eight-ball pool rules apply. The controls are as follows:

left stick left/right Move cue right/left
left stick up/down Zoom in/out
right stick up/down Adjust viewing angle
cross button (hold) Prepare shot power
cross button (release) Take shot at current power
R3 button Toggle overhead view on or off


Standard ten pin bowling rules apply.

Move the left stick to position the bowling ball in the bowling lane, then press the cross button to confirm and place the ball. A direction indicator will be displayed on-screen.

Press the cross button to select a direction and start the power gauge, then press the cross button again to set the power level and start the spin gauge. When you are happy with the amount of spin on the ball, press the cross button to bowl the ball. A scorecard will be displayed on-screen after each bowl.


Some games (such as Bowling, Pool, Chess and Draughts) allow you to queue for them if they happen to be occupied. To start queueing approach an occupied game and try to play it as normal; you will be able to join the queue instead. It is only possible to queue for one game at a time. When in a queue opening the Menu Pad and choosing "Queues" will tell you what your position is. To leave a queue you can:

  • Open the Menu Pad, choose "Queues" and leave from the menu here.
  • Go back, interact with the game you queued for and choose to leave the queue.

You can only stay in the queue if you stay in the space. If you attempt to relocate while in a queue you will be asked to confirm you wish to leave the queue first.


Check out the arcade machines for some mini-game action.